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Aquaculture Fish Farm Oxygen Gas supply

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Aquaculture Fish Farm Oxygen Gas supply image
Aquaculture Fish Farm Oxygen Gas supply image
Aquaculture Fish Farm Oxygen Gas supply image
Aquaculture Fish Farm Oxygen Gas supply image
Project Goal

The key goal of the project is to supply high – purity oxygen required by fish and shellfish in the aquatic cultivation industry.

Project Effects

Oxygen is supplied to reduce the risk for mass stranding due to environments such as red tide.
When the dissolved oxygen amount is increased, the aerobic bacteria is proliferated to reduce the aerobic treatment cost.
The stress of the cultured fish is reduced, and the health is improved to increase the harvest rate.
The abundant amount of oxygen increases the activity of the cultivated fishes for better product value.


Project in hotel in Shangri-la,China


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1. Title: Installation of the Oxyunit for Indoor Oxygen Supply and the IAQ(Indoor Air Quality) Controller to the ‘S’ Hotel located in Shangri-La,China -Feb. 2018

1.1 Representative Image:

*Photo of the installed Oxyunit (oxygen generator) in the S Hotel located in Shangri-La, China


2. Overview

2.1 Application: Oxygen supply to indoors of the alpine area

2.2 Products for application: Oxyunit 10ea + IAQ Controller 10ea

2.3 Photo of the installed products:

 *Photo of the ten oxygen generation modules (OXYUNIT) installed on the exterior wall of the hotel


 *Photo of constructing the oxygen generating system


2.4 Purpose of the System / Customer Needs

- The purpose of the system is to increase the indoor oxygen concentration for preventing altitude sickness of tourists who are unfamiliar with the high mountain environment.

- For the urgent need of oxygen, it is possible to inhale 5LPM of oxygen by connecting a cannula on the bottom of the product.

- Once the target oxygen concentration is set, automatic control is possible, and no additional operation of the equipment is needed.

- In addition to the oxygen supply, real-time monitoring of indoor air quality and air cleaning functions have been secured.


3. Installation Information

The hotel equipped with the system is located in Shangri-La, Chinawhere the altitude of the region is 3500m so that the oxygen density is extremely low. (35% lower air density compared tothe average level)

In general, the installation place for an oxygen generator is considered from the early construction stage of the building, but in this case, since the installation was done to the nearly completed hotel building, it was unavoidable to install the device on the rooftop.

 (Shangri-La region of China located on the altitude of 3,500m)


3.1 Product Installation Plan


3.2 Air Supply Flow


3.3 Oxygen Supply Flow


3.4 Photos of the installation process and completed installation, products in actual use and explanations


4. Product Effects (quantitative effect) – Increase in the indoor oxygen concentration by 2%

From the test operation of the product after installation, the target oxygen concentration was set by 23%, and the target oxygen concentration was achieved about 2 hours after operating the product from the initial average oxygen concentration of the hotel room which was 20.3%.

It is common that most of the tourists visiting this region from other areas suffer from various symptoms of altitude sickness due to lack of oxygen, but in case of this hotel, it was confirmed that majority of the guests had comfortable relaxation without experiencing any altitude sickness symptoms from the aid of the oxygen generator.

According to a worker from the hotel, this oxygen generator would be able to create a luxurious image of the hotel compared to other hotels around it, and it is also highly satisfactory that such feature can be actively applied to the promotion and marketing of the hotel.

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