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Since the company was established in 1999, Juvair has cultivated its status as a pioneer of oxygen technologies in Korea and overseas. we provide a wide range of technologies, products and services globally by harnessing our advanced technologies, the core of which encompasses oxygen technologies.

Company Profile

The company name 'JUVAIR' comes from English 'REJUVENATE AIR', which means that we always try to make our product used valuably in everywhere needs oxygen.

juvair - we rejuvenate air.
juvair establish April 1999
juvair address

706 Berchmans Woojung Hall, Seogang University 35 Baekbeom-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 04107, Korea


In January of 2017, JuvAir, a company specializing in the manufacture of oxygen generators, will launch Oxy-Series at the same time as the establishment of Chengdu JuvAir Corporation. JuvAir is aiming to become the top 5 oxygen generator manufacturer in the Chinese market, beyond its current status as the unchallenged leader in the Korean market.

It has 20 years of technological development and manufacturing history, and it holds 35 patents relating to oxygen generator core technologies. It also has FDA, CE MDD, ISO 13485 systems / product licenses, and a wide range of application technologies, holding the qualification of a global leader.

JuvAir is looking for distributors and sales representatives who want to become a global leader with JuvAir. JuvAir promises its best supports such as marketing and sales support, technical consulting, installation /AS training and support, competitive pricing, product licensing support and so on.

History of Juvair


Juvair Aspirations : Oxy-Series Product Line-up, Sales support/Technical support, Manufacturing Quality Follow-up Management, Online / Offline Marketing

Oxy-Series Product Line-up

Oxy-Series that has the advantages distinguished from those of existing products is the biggest strength of JuvAir. Innovative flexibility and economy are the most powerful weapons of Oxy-Series.

Sales support/Technical support

We support distributors and sales representatives for their sales activities though differentiated pricing, and technical support, so they can win the competition with their competitors.

Manufacturing Quality Follow-up Management

If you are not satisfied with the manufacturing quality, we will reimburse you immediately. In addition, we will provide follow-up management to help you achieve customer satisfaction quickly, thus achieving sustainable sales.

Online / Offline Marketing

We have a team dedicated to on / offline marketing to promote Smart Oxy-Series, attract customers and enhance the brand value of JuvAir.

Main products

Oxygen Generator Models OXYUNIT


This is JuvAir’s basic unit oxygen generating module.
When external compressed air is applied, it generates 93% oxygen of 1.2m3 / h (= 20Lpm).With 5 performance detection sensors and water discharge process (patented), it ensures safety and durability.

Oxygen Generator Models OXYPLE


This is the flagship product of JuvAir. This is also called the 4th-generation Oxygen Generator.
Low pressure process saves up to 30% energy compared to Twin Tower products.
Multiple OxyUnits are controlled independently, allowing proportional control according to usage and sequential control according to usage time.

Oxygen Generator Models OXYCOMBI


OxyUnit and CompUnit are structured in a single system and independently generate 93% oxygen of 1.2m3 / h (= 20Lpm) without external compressed air.