Indoor Air Quality Monitor & Controller
The best IAQ(Indoor Air Quality) controller ever including oxygen supply function
Indoor Air Quality Monitor & Controller
Introducing the IAQ(Indoor Air Quality) controller with oxygen generator, which has
significantly improved functions than the conventional passive oxygen generator indoor unit. 

We apply the latest indoor air quality measurement sensor and the best specification
fine dust filter and supply a large amount of clean oxygen. 

Breathe clean air in the woods indoors from the stuffy indoor air.
Automatic Control According to Indoor Air Quality
Once the target oxygen concentration is set, automatic control is possible.
Accurate indoor air quality measurment
The sensor measures oxygen, carbon dioxide and ultrafine dust concentrations.


Measurement performance type IAQ Monitor / Controller
Oxygen measurement range 0.0 ~ 30.0 %O2
Oxygen sensor a ccuracy ±0.1% of the measuring range
Oxygen sensor measuring type Limiting Current Type Zirconia Oxygen Sensor
PM 2.5 sensor measurement range 0~300 ug/m3
PM 2.5 accuracy
CO2 sensor measurement range
±10% of the measuring range
0~10,000 ppm
CO2 accuracy ± 50 ppm
Barometer measurement range 0 ~ 6,000 meter
Barometer accuracy ±10 meter
Temperature sensor measurement range -40 ~ 85 °C
Temperature accuracy ±1%
Humidity sensor measurement range 0 ~ 100 %
Humidity accuracy ±5%
Power performance Power Supply 220VAC – 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 65W
Air cleaning function Usage area
Rated air flow
40 m2
Purification efficiency 95%
Noise Max. 45dB(A)