Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzer

Inert Gas / Combustion Gas
Oxygen Analyzer / Analyzing System
Non-Combustion Gas Usable & Combustion Gas Usable

This OA-Z-IG Oxygen Analyzer is designed to measure the oxygen
concentration in an environment where the combustion
gases of oil or gas fuels flow and to transmit
the oxygen concentration and other required information
through visual or electric signals to users and related equipment.

Analyzing System

OA-Z-IG Oxygen Analyzing System(Dual type)
Products are suppliable in Panel Mount Type and Oxygen Analyzing System for the sake of ensuring stable performance for a long time and operational conveniences. There are two types, one is single type onto which only one analyzer is mounted and the other is dual type onto which a spare analyzer is additionally mounted. In case of dual type, a selection box that comprises directional control valve and selector switch will be mounted additionally.
Pilot-unit Verification Test
In order to secure reliability of the analyzer and evaluate the durability effectiveness, a verification test for the pilot-unit will be conducted.
Pilot-unit will be used to combust various oil fuels, generate combustion gas and verify oxygen analyzer.
Sensor Replace
Though the sensor will be mounted inside the sensor for safety reason, it can be replaced easily.
All screws required for operation can be loosened or tightened with hexagonal wrench.

Exploded View drawing of
a OA-Z-IG Oxygen Analyzer


Measurement performance Measuring method Zirconia Sensor
Measurement range 0.0 ~ 25.0 %O2
Accuracy ±0.5% of the measuring range
Repeatability ±0.1% of the measuring range
Drift on Month ±0.1% of the measuring range
Time of response Less than 40 seconds
(Time to 90% of measuring range)
Warm-up time 90seconds
Stabilization time 90seconds
Proper flow 0.1~1 LPM
Power performance Power Supply 85-264VAC – 50/60Hz or 24VDC
Power Consumption 10VA per analyzer
Power Cable Over 0.4 mm2
Signal Transmission Analog Output Active 4 ~ 20 mA
Load output(max.) 600 ohm / 24VDC
Digital Output RS485 Protocol
Alarm functions Low, Low-Low, High, High-High
O2 level at 5 point
Relays 5 relays, 8A 250VAC or 30VDC
Properties of Solid Dimensions 180(W) x 220(D) x 105(H) (mm)
Weight 4 kg without packing
Case Material Aluminum alloy
Case Protection IP67
Environment Limits temperature limits -10~60ºC
humidity limits(Sensor) Below 90%, no condensation
pressure limits(Sensor) -40~500kPa