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Oxyunit Oxygen Generator

Next Generation PSA O2 Generator

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Next Generation Oxygen Generator
1.2m3/h oxygen generator

It is the base unit presented by JUVAIR, and it can also be used in combination with OXYPLE and OXYCOMBI.

1.2m3/h oxygen generator

Oxyunit is an oxygen generation module.

With controller, valve, and

zeolite bed, it performs PSA process.

When feed air of an at least

3.5 bar is supplied, it generates

1.2m3/h flow rate and 93% oxygen.

Why Oxyunit!?

Oxyunit is characterized by maintaining its performance in low feed air

and low flow rate situations, so it efficiently responds to various environments.

Oxyunit can be used with your existing compressor or in combination with existing

oxygen generators.If sufficient feed is supplied, you can flexibly install it anywhere.

Why Oxyunit oxygen generator?


It can be installed directly where oxygen needs to be

supplied, which allows flexible oxygen supply anywhere.


Oxyunit can also be used wherever there is a compressor,

which can save you the cost of purchasing a separate compressor.

Flexibility & Efficiency Oxyunit

Oxyunit can be used simultaneously with other equipment that requires compressed air

because it can be operated with low pressure. Oxygen can be supplied individually

to each site that needs oxygen supply. Furthermore, it is possible to combine multiple

Oxyunits to supply additional amounts of oxygen, depending on the characteristics of the site.

Flexibility & Efficiency Oxyunit
Everywhere Control of Oxyunit

Oxyunit offers a wide range of control and monitoring

solutions. With 6 controllers and monitoring devices,

you can easily control and check the status anytime and

anywhere. In particular, you can use a smartphone or the

remote monitoring service of our head office.

Everywhere Control of Oxyunit
Convenience & Safety

Oxyunit is designed for user convenience and safety. Intuitive user interface and controller facilitate easy control.

precautions and alarms are included to ensure customer safety and product durability.

Convenience & Safety - Warning  Labels
Warning Labels

Customer safety and
product protection

Convenience & Safety -  In/Out port
In/Out port

Simple structure

Convenience & Safety - User Interface
User Interface

Intuitive control & display

Convenience & Safety - Alarm LED
Alarm LED

Excellent visibility
of alarm displays

Best performance & Reliability

Reliability is built into Oxyunit.

OXYUNIT is equipped with components that

endure extreme environment while maintaining

stable performance. Generally,

the gas separator of an oxygen generator is vulnerable

to humidity, and as time passes,

the performance is degraded. OXYUNIT

overcomes all these difficulties.

Best performance & Reliability oxygen generator
Environmentally strong valve
Environmentally strong valve

OXYUNIT is designed with

improved the materials for

excellent durability.

Oxygen sensor included
Oxygen sensor included

The oxygen purity

can be checked

by the user at all times.

Water discharge structure + SPIT sequence
Water discharge structure + SPIT sequence

The condensed water that

is fatal to the gas separator

is removed to maintain

stable performance.

Silent operation oxygen generator
Silent operation

High-technology silencer

that reduces the noise

of the discharged gas.

Easy installation

Convenience in product installation is a very important point in an oxygen generator that occupies

relatively large volume due to the many parts. JuvAir’s OXYUNIT requires small installation area,

and the HANGING BRACKET can maximize the flexibility of the installation.

It is light weight allows the OXYUNIT to be easily moved.

Compact footprint
Compact footprint

34cm X 22cm footprintis smaller

than comparable products.


Total weight of

less than25Kg.


To maximize space,OXYUNIT

can be hung on the wall.

Oxyunit Specification
Oxyunit Specification
PRODUCT NAME Oxygen Concentrator
MODEL Oxyunit
OXYGEN PURITY 0.71 SCFM (20Lpm) or 1.2Nm3/h at 21.7 psi (1.5bar)
OXYGEN PRESSURE 21.7 psi (1.5 bar)
DEVICE DIMENSION (W)340 X (H)810 X (D)220
OXYGEN DEW POINT -60℉ (-51℃)
FEED AIR REQUIREMENT 8.8 SCFM (250Lpm) or 15Nm3/h at 51 psi (3.5bar) minimum
Response time Approximately 3 minutes to attain maximum purity after initial start-up or extended shut-down